S H R E D D E D.

Workout flexibly

Pick from a range of workouts and pay-per-use


Pay what you want

Reward your coach based on what the workout was worth to you


Share your passion

Try out new sports and become part of a community

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SHREDDED is an innovative, gratuity-based model that intends to drive a paradigm shift in the global sports and fitness industry by putting back the power into the hands of the modern-day athlete.

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts who aim to be the driving force of a movement which provides athletes access to the most passionate and skilled coaches. Inclusion and community building are at the forefront of SHREDDED’ efforts.

Traditional sports and fitness workouts expect customers to trust them by charging a fee upfront. We reverse this dynamic by placing trust in the participants, and rely on the fact that the Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) workout is appealing to participants because it makes it possible to support and reward only high-quality service. This, in turn, requires coaches who work with us to provide nothing but the best service.

We want customers to feel that coaches promoted by SHREDDED really love what they are doing. We encourage you to join us as athlete or coach, feel the passion and learn from the most skilled coaches globally.

SHREDDED believes in the Sharing Economy and invites talented athletes to apply and become freelance coaches.




  • To ensure that everyone, regardless of their budget, is able to experience and participate in high-quality workouts and sports classes globally 

  • To redefine industry standards and set new expectations for the market as a whole 

  • To support local communities and to give a voice to superb self-employed athletes, coaches and instructors 

Please appreciate that the SHREDDED platform is currently in BETA phase. Continuous development and incorporation of athlete’s feedback might impact user experience.



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Freelance Coaches

Matthias - Shredded, Olympic Lifting, Personal Training

Matthias - Shredded, Olympic Lifting, Personal Training

Daniel - Shredded, Butt&Legs, Personal Training

Daniel - Shredded, Butt&Legs, Personal Training

Patrick - Shredded, Abs&Core, Personal Training

Patrick - Shredded, Abs&Core, Personal Training



I am impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the coaches. - Martin (47)


Fresh air, sunrise, fantastic workout - what a great way to start into a new day.” - Jonas (31)

I love the workout. It’s great! - Julia (22)


 “The locations are perfect. I love exercising early mornings.” - Dario (45)