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The two most important elements in choosing a
fitness coach are a lot of practical experience and
proven results.
— Peter Böhm

Peter Böhm is the founder of Aesthetics Blog , one of the largest German speaking fitness blogs on the internet. His blog covers topics such as building muscles, training, nutrition, recovery, health as well as reviewing products. In 2018 his blog reached 79’000 unique monthly users who want to learn more about fitness.

Since starting his journey in 2010 and his blog in 2013 Peter has gained valuable expertise and has seen many changes in the fitness industry. His blog has been ranked under the top 7 Fitness blogs by German Fitnessmagazin “Loox”.

We spoke to him to learn more about his personal journey, how he uses data to optimize his workout, what to look out for when choosing a fitness coach and much more.


Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into Fitness?

Thanks for the interview. My name is Peter Böhm and I was born in 1990. In 2013 I started a fitness and lifestyle blog . Since then it has grown into one of the biggest German speaking fitness blogs led by me and a small team of authors.

Personally, I am a natural Fitness & Bodyuilder and I have been training since 2010.

I live off a ketogenic diet and try to increase my muscle mass in a natural way while keeping my body fat percentage low.


In your view what are the elements that make up a good workout?

A very good question. For me personally, there are 3 elements that make a good workout:

1) The training preparation

2) 100% focus

3) The training plan

As part of the training preparation it is important to prepare mentally and physically for the next workout. I listen to good music to push myself and don’t eat any heavy meals at least 2 hours before the workout. Moreover, I ensure that I am well rested and get enough sleep.

100% focus means that I don’t chat to my workout buddy and then do 1-2 sets in between.

100% fous means that I do not allow myself to get distracted so that I can get the maximum out of my muscles during each set. This is the only way to push myself beyond limits.

The final element is planning. This means I always know which muscles I want to train in each workout. The exercises vary from time to time. Currently, I use a push/pull/leg split training plan which I do 3-4 times a week.

On my blog there is a training plan configurator that will help you to create your own personalized training plan.


What is your personal favourite workout and why?

My favourite workout is the classic “discopump training” which includes chest, biceps and abs. I love to train my chest muscles and to feel the burn afterwards. The same goes for my biceps and abs.

Peter Boehm1.jpg

Do you use data (e.g. calories burned, heart rate, weight, body fat, calories intake etc) to optimize your fitness results? If yes, how do you use data and what data do you monitor closely?

As mentioned, I am on a ketogenic diet since a few months. This means that I eat a maximum of 30-40g of carbohydrates per day while the rest is protein and fat.

As such, I track my foods with the help of the “Lifesum” app which tracks my calories and helps to ensure I stick to my ketogenic diet.

I weigh myself once a week to check how my weight is developing. Currently, my goal is to build muscles fat free.

Finally, I also like to check my burned calories and my daily steps on my Samsung Galaxy Watch.


What is the best way to manage the recovery process after a workout?

Depending on whether you eat low-carb or low fat foods, a hearty meal after a workout with high-quality proteins and fat or carbohydrates can boost your recovery. Afterwards you should get some restful sleep of at least 8 hours.

Even though this is not rocket science many people are not able to follow these steps consistently.


There are so many fitness offerings, products and coaches around today in an increasingly competitive fitness market. In your view, what is the best way for people to find the right solution for their lifestyle and why?

The best way is to research the newest fitness trends online and then to test them. Nowadays there are so many different types of fitness sports from classic bodybuilding to crossfit, EMS trainings all the way to calisthenics and more.

As such you need to find out for yourself which is the best training for you.


We live in a fast-paced, unpredictable and high-pressure world. What is the best way to plan your fitness routines in order to remain as flexible as possible regardless of whether something may come up at work or with family that may interrupt your routine?

For me training is non-negotiable. Working out 3 times a week is part of my daily life just like brushing my teeth is. I just prioritize it. In my view, training should become a routine and an important part of your life.

Of course, fitness training should also be fun. There is no point in forcing yourself to train 3 times a week if you don’t enjoy it. In that case, you are doing the wrong sport. However, everyone should have a fitness routine in order to stay healthy and fit.


In your view, what are the biggest barriers for those people who do not workout?

Mostly, they are low self-confidence and fears. The fear of needing to change something in life, the fear of looking ridiculous in the gym etc.

If that is the case, then just start working out at home. On my blog you will find a good training plan for working out at home . Another tip is to find a friend with whom you can start working out. The most important thing is to just get started and once you find yourself in a fitness club most fears disappear.


If you had to look for a great fitness coach how would you go about it and what criteria would you look out for?

The two most important elements in choosing a fitness coach are a lot of practical experience and proven results.

Lots of experience in strength training is correlated with a lot of know-how. While you can learn strength training in theory, proven results mean much more. What is the point of knowing how to bench press in theory, but never having achieved any results in real life?

Proven results for me are an important consideration. I can’t imagine taking a 65 kg “fitness coach” serious if he wants to coach me on how to do muscle training properly.


The Fitness market is booming and competition is also intensifying. A lot of good Fitness information is already available online while the rise of Fitness influencers is further intensifying this. What does it take to produce a high quality blog such as yours and how do you stay relevant?

Competition is good for business. This means, we have to constantly rework, update and expand our content. As such, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our content.

To stay relevant it is important to be authentic and transparent. It is important to show the reader who is behind the blog as well as sharing your own experiences as part of your content creation.

Finally, it is also important to keep at it. In the last 6 years, I have seen many fitness blogs that came and then disappeared again. Most blogs start solely with the intent of making money. In that case, the problem is that your passion in producing the content is missing and as a result you quickly lose motivation. Most also quickly realize that the work required to run a blog often far exceeds the money you can make with it.


What do you think will be the biggest innovations and trends in the Fitness market in the next 5 years?

I believe fitness tools like fitness trackers will be big. A healthy and active lifestyle are becoming increasingly important in modern society. Technology is developing constantly while data that we can track about our bodies and health are becoming more and more accurate.

For example, having a good understanding of your sleeping patterns can be very helpful in improving your recovery.

However, analyzing everything down to the last detail is a bit too much in my view.


Where do you see yourself and your blog in the next 5 years?

God willing and provided that I am still fit and healthy in 5 years time I see myself still working dumbbells in the gym.

Possibly also with 1-2 kg more muscles and a few percentages less body fat.

For my blog, I always had the vision to be the leading German information hub for fitness and strength training enthusiasts. My mission continues to be to enable people to lead a health and fit lifestyle with the right information.


Thanks Peter for sharing your insights and tips with our community. We wish you best of luck with your blog and your workouts.