Patrick - Zurich

Patrick - Shredded, Abs&Core, Personal Training

Patrick - Shredded, Abs&Core, Personal Training

Fitness is about both, your performance and how long it takes you to recover. My training methodology will make you the most athletic you have ever been. While getting the physique you have always wanted. Try and convince yourself.
— Patrick

My name is Patrick, I am 29 years old and work for a Hedge Fund.

I am all about discipline, efficiency and structure and display the same values in everything I do. Physical and emotional resilience are credentials which have helped me succeed in many life aspects.

Destined to have a career in special forces, I decided to join Investment Banking wherein I found an environment which was equally demanding. Fitness and performance can largely be traced back to a confident and strong mind.

ADRENALICS allows me to share my training philosophy. I instruct workouts across Zurich. ADRENALICS provides me the platform, takes care of marketing and the registration process. I can focus on what I can do best, instruct tough and demanding workouts.